Raspberry-Vanilla Digestive Kvass


Makes about 1 quart


Kvass is a traditional fermented beverage, usually made with beets. The fermentation process occurs when beneficial bacteria and yeasts feed on the sugars in the beets. We've made ours with ripe, juicy raspberries for a sweet, mild flavor that still has all the benefits of traditional kvass. If you can't find fresh raspberries, frozen are just fine. This recipe uses a quart-sized jar; but you can use a half-gallon jar and increase the ingredients.

3/4 cup raspberries or mixed berries
11/2 Tbs. raw, unfiltered honey
2 Tbs. whey or 2 probiotics capsules
1 tsp. vanilla extract (optional)

  1. Place fruit in the bottom of a quart-sized canning jar. Using a wooden spoon, gently mash fruit to break up (if using frozen raspberries, this step isn't necessary). Add honey. Add whey, or open probiotics capsules and pour contents into the raspberries; discard capsules. Stir to mix gently.
  2. Fill jar with filtered water (the chlorine in tap water can hamper fermentation), leaving about 1 inch of space at the top to allow room for developing gases.
  3. Screw lid on jar, and place in warm area away from direct sunlight. Gently agitate jar once or twice a day. Fermentation should begin in 24-48 hours, and kvass will be ready to drink in 2-5 days. Taste mixture every day to see when it's fermented to your tastes (don't drink out of the jar, or you'll introduce harmful bacteria into the mix). Kvass should taste sweet and tangy. If it tastes sour or "off," discard immediately.
  4. When fermentation is complete, strain kvass into another jar, and stir in alcohol-free vanilla extract if desired. Refrigerate, and serve chilled. Drink as is, or combine with sparkling water for extra fizz. Store in refrigerator for up to
    1 week.

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