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13 Natural Cold Sore Remedies

Homeopathy can be extremely effective for getting rid of cold sores—here's how to find the best remedy for your cold sore symptoms.

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The initial symptoms of a cold sore include burning and tingling sensations around the edges of the lips and nose, where itchy, painful blisters and/or small red pimples form within a few hours. They usually dry and crust over within 8-12 days after the onset.

Homeopathic medicines, which focus on enhancing the immune system, can often greatly speed up healing time. Pick the remedy that best matches your symptoms. For acute herpes outbreaks, use a 30c potency four times daily. For chronic herpes infections, take a 6x, 12x, 6c, 12c, or 30c twice daily for two weeks to see if there are any positive results. After you notice improvement, stop taking the remedy, unless symptoms return. Consultation with a homeopathic practitioner is also recommended.

"Homeopathic medicines

7 Homeopathic Cold Sore Remedies

Arsenicum album

Is for people with cold sores who have symptoms of burning herpetic lesions that feel better with warm applications and warm drinks. They tend to feel anxious and restless.

Hepar sulphuris

Is for very painful and sensitive mouth sores. The lesions feel very sensitive and are aggravated from cold drinks and cold air. The person feels chilly and irritable.

Mercurius solubilis or vivus

Is helpful when bleeding gums, a thickly coated tongue, heavy salivation and drooling, and offensive breath accompany the cold sores. The lesions burn and are worse at night.

Natrum muriaticum

Is a specific remedy for cold sores that break out from sun exposure, fever, or emotional stress. The lesions are often near the lips. The corners of the mouth are often cracked as well. There is often a strong craving for salty foods. This remedy is also used for cases of chronic genital herpes. The person has a tendency toward depression and avoids the sun.

Rhus toxicodendron

Is helpful for painful, swollen, itchy vesicles that burn and break out quickly. The person feels restless. Symptoms are worse from the cold or the damp.


Is a useful remedy for red, inflamed, itchy, and burning herpetic lesions. Symptoms improve with cold applications or ice-cold drinks. People who require this remedy are very warm, with a great thirst for cold drinks.

Herpes nosode

Stimulates an immune response to the herpes virus. It can be used for oral and genital herpes, and to prevent recurrences. Take a 30c potency three times daily for three days.

6 Anti-Viral Nutrients for Cold Sores

L-lysine: Foods rich in the amino acid L-lysine may inhibit herpes virus replication. These include legumes, fish, turkey, chicken, and most vegetables. For an acute breakout, take 1,000 mg of an L-lysine supplement three times daily between meals. For preventive purposes, use 500 mg two or three times daily between meals.

Lemon balm extract: Apply a lemon balm topical cream four times daily to the affected area.

Lomatium root: Lomatium root has immune-enhancing and antiviral properties. Take 1 ml or 500 mg four times daily for acute outbreaks.

Propolis: Apply propolis tincture or ointment four times daily to the affected area.

Vitamin C: Take 1,000 mg, along with 500 mg of bioflavonoids, three times daily.

Zinc: Take 30 mg twice daily, along with 3 mg copper. Topical application of zinc sulfate has been shown to reduce the recurrence of herpes outbreaks.

2 Cold Sore Remedies to Try

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