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Summer is the season for bee stings and rashes.

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Summer is the season for bee stings and rashes. Here’s why Apis mellifica is the perfect homeopathic remedy to have on hand

Ouch! What happens when you are stung by a bee? Typically, you will experience a stinging sensation right away, as well as red swelling around the area and heat. A sting may even be accompanied by a feeling of fear.

As a homeopathic practitioner, the remedy I would recommend for a bee sting is Apis mellifica, which is actually made from female honey bees, including the stingers. This is a perfect example of the homeopathic doctrine “like cures like,” in which a small amount of a substance that would cause symptoms similar to what the patient is experiencing is used to stimulate the body’s own natural healing response. Apis mellifica is also indicated for other injuries that result in swelling or stinging pain, such as puncture wounds and rashes.

Apis mellifica is also one I might give to patients who could be described as “busy bees.” They are good multitaskers and may feel overworked. They are usually running around from here to there. Their thoughts hop from one subject to another, and they can be very fast thinkers. They feel physically strong, but at times emotionally irritable. If they feel betrayed, they will strike out. They have a strong sense of family and want to be in control and protect, as a bee would protect a hive.

When to Use Apis Mellifica 

  • Apis mellifica may be indicated if:
  • The injury is inflamed with redness, burning, and stinging. It looks similar to an infection, or allergies.
  • The area is swollen, red, and very sensitive.
  • There is stinging pain in the affected part.
  • The patient is feeling anguish and exhaustion, often accompanied by a lack of thirst.
  • The patient experiences itchiness or hives.
  • The patient feels a great sensitivity of the injured area to touch.
  • The patient is experiencing general soreness, such as a feeling that “every hair is painful to touch.”
  • Great exhaustion, as if after working very hard. The patient is compelled to lie down.
  • The patient experiences pains that jump from one spot to another.
  • The patient feels better with cold applications; open air; cold water or cold bathing; uncovering; and walking or changing positions.
  • The patient feels worse with heat; after sleeping; being in an enclosed room (warmed and heated rooms are intolerable); and getting wet, but better from washing or moistening the injury with cold water.

Pick Your Potency

Apis mellifica is a must in your medicine cabinet. It’s safe for you, your family members, and even your pets. It is best to take this remedy internally. For smaller traumas, start low (30C or 12C pellets), and increase the potency the greater the trauma (1M or 200C pellets). For topical Apis mellifica, see a homeopathic doctor.

Tuning In

Listening to the “signals” is key in determining the correct homeopathic remedy

When you see a homeopathic practitioner for the first time, that person should hear your “whole life story,” so to speak. I tell my new patients, I need to know everything—from bathroom habits to dreams and everything in between. An initial consultation usually runs anywhere from an hour to 90 minutes. During this time, I listen to a patient’s story and health complaints, and then match up a remedy/remedies best suited to that individual. Working with patients is somewhat like tuning into a radio station. Once I zero in on a patient’s “station,” the signal comes through clearly, and I am able to prescribe the appropriate remedies. It’s not always that simple—in homeo-pathy, there are more than 4,000 remedies. But often, once I hit on the right “remedy station,” I start to see miracles happen. [Editors’ note: To find a licensed homeopath in your area, visit]

CASE STUDY of a “busy bee”

A 32-year-old woman came in to see me. She worked as a professional organizer, and was friendly and upbeat. She was a “fast talker,” and would switch quickly from one subject to another. Her main complaint was itchy bumps, a rash that had broken out all over her torso and limbs accompanied by a burning and stinging sensation. She’d been experiencing symptoms for about two weeks. I asked what had happened in her life about two weeks ago. She gushed about being asked to be on TV. She was both anxious and excited about this opportunity that would be great for her career.
I gave her Apis mellifica, at a dose of 30C, three times a week at night. By the third dose, the rash was gone. She did her appearance on TV with clear skin.

Product Highlights:

BOIRON Apis mellifica 30C is indicated for swelling from insect bites and allergies. Dissolve pellets under the tongue as directed.

HYLAND’S Hives is designed to ease red, swollen, and itchy rashes without side effects. This formula contains Apis mellifica.

DR. KING’S NATURAL MEDICINE Skin Irritations & Itch Relief uses Apis mellifica and other remedies to ease skin irritations.Spray directly into your mouth.