Building Pandemic PODS for Kid’s Mental Health and Educational Future

As schools try to make the best decisions for the upcoming school year, parents and grandparents are forging ahead with their own ideas on how best to educate their kids, keep them safe, and preserve their emotional well-being with pandemic PODS.
Pandemic Pods

As the pandemic lingers on, families are finding ways to allow their children to socialize and learn with others by creating pandemic pods or bubbles. By setting up adhered to guidelines, children can safely play with friends and learn in a group setting, while parents and grandparents get support from the other members of the pod. The Institute for Natural Medicine checked in with a few families – each with their own setup – on creating pandemic pods.

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Pandemic PODS (Parent Organized Discovery Sites) typically bring together three to six families and employ a teacher, college student or other adult to assist in their education and childcare. As this idea takes hold, even some school districts are forming pandemic PODS (read more about that here), as well as local YMCAs, Boys and Girls Clubs, non-profit education organizations, and churches (check with your local community and our list of resources below).



Cooking with Kids

Creating Culinary Superstars in Your Kids

When children learn to cook, they eat healthier and gain a lot of valuable skills that they will use for a lifetime. But does the thought of turning your kitchen over to the kids seem like a bad idea? Culinary instructor, parent and author, Kimberly Lord Stewart lines out how to teach your kids cooking skills. In time you could just sit back, watch and enjoy their culinary talents.

outdoor fun2

Get Your Kids Outside for Fun and Health Benefits

Naturopathic physician BreAnna M. Guan looks at the health benefits of having fun. Whether it’s an outdoor adventure hike or chasing bubbles on a breeze, being outdoor is good for physical and mental health. Get ideas from this naturopathic pediatrician on how to create wellness adventures for your family.

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Free Webinar: Calming the Anxious Child

In this on-demand webinar, sponsored by the Institute for Natural Medicine, learn ways to help your child reduce anxiety and calm an anxious mind. This beneficial webinar teaches you the importance of creating a mindful and peaceful home by using the centuries-old practice of naturopathic medicine and natural healing.

green tea smoothie

Recipes for Destressing

In times of anxiety and stress, the right foods can be your best friend. We have two soothing and healthy recipes from Leslie Korn, PhD, author of “The Good Mood Kitchen.” Learn how food is the best medicine for a healthy mind and mood.