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Get Your Kids Outside for Fun and Health Benefits

Naturopathic physician BreAnna M. Guan looks at the health benefits of having fun. Whether it’s an outdoor adventure hike or chasing bubbles on a breeze, being outdoor is good for physical and mental health. Get ideas from this naturopathic pediatrician on how to create wellness adventures for your family.

As the new school year approaches, with all its newness and confusion, it’s time to take advantage of the last weeks of warm weather. Summer is the perfect opportunity to get your kids outside and swap online surfing for bodysurfing, screens for streams, and phones for fun.

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Parks are one of the best places to find a mix of relaxation and fun for the whole family. There’s no need to convince kids, they are always ready to go to the park. One of my favorite memories was meeting with four other families for a day of celebration. The kids all of all ages explored and new friendships formed, even among the tiniest members. Whether dousing the day’s heat in splash pads, blowing bubbles or digging in the sand, it was sweet to see friendships quickly evolve and parents relax a bit and enjoy time together. Even with proper physical distancing, this is something you should try to make happen with your kids before the weather changes. During these tough times, families need friendships, and being outdoors allows us to be together safely and bring a much-needed feeling of connection.

Here are some ideas to get your family outside: