Natural Solutions for Supporting Healthy Blood Pressure

In her monthly column, Naturopathic Medicine at Home with Amy Rothenberg, ND, she answers a reader’s question about how to keep blood pressure from rising to unhealthy levels. Diet, exercise and lifestyle changes go a long way to keeping those numbers in a healthy range.
Blood Pressure

Question: I am looking for natural approaches to keep my blood pressure low. I am in my 40s and although my blood pressure is still in a normal range, it is creeping up. Thank you for any recommendations! ~ Patrick, in New Hampshire

Answer: Patrick, you’re not alone! Rising blood pressure is common and because early on, there are often few symptoms, it’s important to be checked regularly. Hypertension is one risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Though it’s not always possible to influence risk factors like genetics, getting older and being male, luckily, there are many risk factors you can influence. Naturopathic doctors work to identify and address the underlying cause(s) that influence blood pressure, they include:



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