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On the Cutting Edge

Here’s our roundup of exciting new food and supplement products out this month.

1. Toss Me a Bone (Bar)

Chewy, decadent, and delicious. That’s how we would describe Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein bars. Available in Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Salted Chocolate Almond, these macronutrient-rich treats —we really can’t exaggerate how good they are—feature bone broth, whey protein, healthy fats, fiber, and almond butter, among other ingredients. They’re sweetened naturally with honey, coconut nectar, dates, and stevia, with no grains, gluten, soy, or GMOs.


2. Go With Your Gut

Leaky gut, caused by a poor diet, antibiotics, and other factors, involves toxic particles that escape into the blood and circulate (rather than being eliminated by the digestive tract). Bio Nutrition Leaky Gut Wellness contains nutrients known to help heal the gut and strengthen its mucosal lining for better digestion. Soothing DGL licorice, marshmallow, and slippery elm powder are combined with zinc L-carnosine (used to treat gastric ulcers) and the antioxidant alpha lipoic acid.

Bio Nutrition Leaky Gut Wellness

3. His and Hers Gummies

Hero Nutritionals has introduced new multis—Slice of Life Organics Adult Gummy Vitamins Women’s Complete and Men’s Complete. The women’s formula includes vitamin B, biotin, folic acid, and a bone complex with vitamins D and K. Key ingredients in the men’s version are vitamins B and zinc, and pomegranate for prostate health. The flavors are his-and-hers too: Orange-Pineapple and Cran-Raspberry for the ladies, and Orange-Pineapple-Chili and Cherry-Pineapple-Chili for the gents.


4. Magic Mushroom

Mushroom Wisdom Super Maitake is designed to support overall vitality, as well as help maintain optimal immune and liver health, blood sugar, and healthy blood pressure. This formula is made using maitake’s whole fruiting body, so you’re getting a concentrated form of the mushroom. And maitake is one powerful mushroom—it’s know as the “King of Mushrooms” in Japan.

Mushroom Wisdom Super Maitake

5. Heal It With Hemp

Anxiety, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, chemotherapy side effects, seizures—these are just some of the conditions that may be helped by CBD oil. Terry Naturally Hemp Oil is a concentrated source of CBD oil. The oil comes from plants that have been carefully selected to contain a full spectrum of phytonutrients to support the body’s natural endocannabinoid system.

Terry Naturally Hemp Oil