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Meet NT Factor-the new secret to staying young and full of energy

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Loss of energy is a common complaint at the doctor’s office. And although the problem increases with age, it isn’t an inevitable part of getting older-at least not to the extent that many people experience.

Energy drinks offer a quick fix, but because they typically contain stimulants, they can also cause jitters, anxiety, and headaches. And they don’t do anything to address the cause of an energy shortage. A supplement called NT Factor offers a different approach, correcting an underlying cause of low energy and accelerated aging: damage to cellular membranes.

Why Energy Levels Drop

Aging, accelerated by our lifestyle and toxic environment, causes damage to cell membranes. These membranes encase key components within the cells known as mitochondria, which do the work of generating energy and are often referred to as cellular “furnaces.” Mitochondria must be surrounded by healthy membranes to generate energy. But various factors, such as age, poor diet, and toxins, can damage the membranes, which leads to a breakdown in energy production.

The Nutritional Solution

The building blocks of cell membranes are fatty substances called lipids. NT Factor works by replacing damaged lipids and restoring cell membranes. It has no stimulant effect and no known interactions with medications.

In a study of 29 healthy men and women published in Functional Foods in Health and Disease, NT Factor produced these results, mostly within one hour:

  • 74 percent of subjects felt better able to plan tomorrow’s activities and to work, and had greater mental clarity.
  • 70 percent felt better able to face their day’s activities, had more stamina for physical activity, and felt they could better engage in conversation.
  • 67 percent had a greater desire to increase their exercise level or participate in their favorite sport, and had better concentration.

More than 20 other studies have tested NT Factor, including its effects on long-term, debilitating fatigue. Here are some highlights:

  • A study published in the International Journal of Clinical Medicine tested NT Factor among 58 people who suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Gulf War illness, or Lyme disease. Participants had experienced fatigue for an average of 17 years without relief. Among this group, NT Factor reduced fatigue by 31 percent in 60 days.
  • A study of 20 people with an average age of 68, published in the Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, found that in addition to significantly reducing fatigue, an 8-week regimen of NT Factor restored the function of energy-generating mitochondria to a level found in young adults.
  • Among cancer patients, in a study published in Pathology Oncology Research, NT Factor helped reduce fatigue in up to 70 percent of cases.

NT Factor Healthy Aging supports cellular and mitochondrial membranes with a powerful formulation of specially selected anti-aging nutrients, including NT Factor.

Nutritional Therapeutics
PROPAX with NTFactor provides an optimal combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids, and probiotics known to enhance cellular energy and reduce fatigue.