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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Routine

Start your day with superfood Lion’s Mane, movement, and intention.

Sometimes no matter how well you sleep, waking up just isn’t easy. Late nights, inconsistent sleep, life’s stressors, and packed schedules can pin us to the mattress. But you can make your mornings a little bit easier by taking these five suggestions to adjust your routine and promote a fresh and uplifting start to the day. 

Leave Your Phone Outside the Bedroom

We could all use a little less screen time, especially when we’re trying to fall asleep. It can feel satisfying or even relaxing to scroll, refresh e-mail one last time, check tomorrow’s weather, and keep clicking around before bed, but the exposure to your phone’s light actually makes it harder to drift off. Researchers have found that the blue light emitted from phones, tablets, TVs, and even fluorescent light bulbs blocks the sleep hormone called melatonin, making you feel alert instead of drowsy. One quick way to stop using your phone before bed is to move it out of reach. Try leaving it overnight across your bedroom or in another room entirely to reduce the temptation to check on things. It’ll be there for you in the morning, but even once you’re awake, consider easing into the day before inundating yourself with information.

Try a Sunrise Alarm Clock

Instead of using your phone as an alarm or a clock with a jarring tone, awaken to a soft light radiating from one of these nifty devices. Sunrise alarm clocks mimic the sun by emitting low LED lighting to rouse you gently, even if you’ve been sleeping in a completely dark bedroom. Research suggests that the noninvasive timed light exposure helps you naturally shift out of non-REM sleep before fully waking up, so mornings don’t feel as abrupt or hurried. Most of these rise-and-shine tools, like the Casper Glow Light or the Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light, even have sunset settings that help you relax and adjust for bedtime.

Make Time for Some Gentle Stretching

After lying still for the recommended eight hours, get the blood flowing and warm up your body with some stretching. Sit up in bed, reach for the sky, roll your neck, and touch your toes. Once you’re out from under the covers, step into a few lunges, reaching for your toes again, and do some shoulder circles. These light movements can relieve aches and tension in your joints and muscles, loosening any residual stress and preventing pain from ruining your morning.

Upgrade Your Everyday Routine with MycoBrew® Drink Mixes

After gulping a glass of water, instead of pouring your usual cup of coffee or tea, try something new. Host Defense® Lion’s Mane–powered MycoBrew® drink mixes are a great upgrade to your everyday routine. Using consciously sourced ingredients, MycoBrew® comes in four flavorful mixes—Coffee, Matcha, Cocoa, and Mocha—and each one offers a distinct experience, whether you want a burst of energy to start your morning, a midday indulgence to keep you going, or a relaxing treat at the end of the day. All four flavors are available in both bulk canisters and grab-and-go packets. And, like all Host Defense® products, MycoBrew® drink mixes use ecologically responsible packaging materials designed to minimize their overall footprint. Just add one serving to six ounces of hot liquid, like water, milk, or a milk substitute. Stir until it dissolves, and drink for a Lion’s Mane superfood alternative you can feel good about. 

Set Intentions for the Day

Whether you prefer journaling, meditating, walking, or a combination, invite mindfulness into your life by setting aside a few minutes after rolling out of bed for this practice. Pour your morning MycoBrew® drink, find a calm place in your home, stay in comfy clothes, and let your thoughts flow. Use this precious time to express gratitude, acknowledge any stressors or anxieties, affirm and accept yourself, set intentions, accept any emotions that come up, and be still before the day gets busy. According to research, intentionally recognizing your thoughts and motivations can bring self-awareness, calm, and long-lasting inner peace—which we could all use a little more of in our lives.

Fungi Perfecti® and Host Defense® were founded by renowned mycologist Paul Stamets with the goal of building a bridge between people and fungi. We specialize in mushroom mycelium-based supplements to support natural immunity and whole-body wellness.* Our continued mission is to explore, study, preserve, and spread knowledge about the use of fungi for helping PEOPLE & PLANET.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.