Oh Happy Day!

We have the cure for the breakfast blues with three gluten-free recipes worth getting up early to eat.

"All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast," said the late American journalist John Gunther. This philosophy may have been popular in Gunther's day, in the early 1900s, but it's not quite so fashionable today, especially during the week when people are rushing off to work. These days, the more familiar morning scenario involves shoving down a bowl of instant oatmeal at the kitchen counter or grabbing some hard-boiled eggs on the way out the door.

Having a fresh, unhurried meal in the morning can put you on a healthy, positive path for the whole day-and maybe even make you happier! Isn't that worth getting up just a little bit earlier for? Give it a try with the following gluten-free recipes. These yummy breakfasts are a breeze to make and can be easily adjusted depending on your tastes and creativity.

Try these three delicious gluten-free breakfast recipes:

Breakfast on the Double

For those mornings when you're really short on time, try one of these yummy gluten-free breakfast cereals.


Bakery on Main Fruit & Nut Granola -a truly addictive combination of nuts, sweetened cranberries, raisins, and coconut.


Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice Cereal-a guilt-free treat with a great crunch factor and just the right amount of sweet.


Kashi Organic Promise Simply Maize Cereal-puffy corn "flakes" with just a touch of molasses make this cereal a crowd pleaser.


Nature's Path Organic Qi'a Superfood Gluten-Free Oatmeal Creamy Coconut-sinfully delicious with a nutty, sweet coconut flavor (think coconut macaroon).



Bites of Bliss

Don't think gluten-free baked goods can really be any good? These mini cheesecakes may change your mind.


Top Pops

Spread holiday cheer with these sweet & savory gourmet (and gluten-free!) popcorns.