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Healthy Rewards

Better Nutrition reader Kathleen shares her inspiring story of recovery from chronic fatigue and celiac disease, plus gives tips on maintaining optimum health

Kathleen C.,
Denver, Colo. Age: 45


Health Issues:
Chronic fatigue (mostly recovered, although she does occasionally have pain and/or low energy as a result of the chronic fatigue)

  • Severe malnutrition from undiagnosed celiac disease (recovered)
  • Stress, difficulty turning brain "off"
  • Estrogen dominance/hormone balance
  • insomnia/fitful sleep
  • Weak/thin bones

Kathleen, 45, is determined to stay strong, mobile, and healthy throughout her life. "I consider high-quality supplements to be an investment for an active future," she says. "Like everything else, making thoughtful investments now will yield high rewards and savings later on." This positive outlook and determination is no doubt part of what helped Kathleen overcome chronic fatigue and severe malnutrition from undiagnosed celiac disease. "I've had great success following a super-nutrient supplement program," she explains. What are those superstar nutrients that helped her regain health? Here's a closer look at Kathleen's comprehensive supplement regimen.


Source Naturals
GABA Powder: "This helps relax my brain and muscles," says Kathleen, who also takes DLPA (for alertness and pain levels) and DIM (for excess estrogen and hormone balancing) from Source Naturals.


NOW Foods
C-1000 Buffered C: Kathleen takes this daily C supplement for immune support and general health. She also uses NOW Citrus Bioflavonoids to help her varicose veins, NOW Foods Ashwagandha to alleviate stress, and NOW Foods Valerian and Passion Flower for deep, relaxing sleep.


Bone Maximizer III: "I think that MRM Bone Maximizer III is one of the best bone formulas available," says Kathleen. This formula includes phosphorus and other trace minerals that are essential for bone health and can be difficult to find otherwise. "I really like that the MRM product includes vitamin K2 and MK-7, instead of simply K1," she adds. "And that they use the bioavailable citrate forms of zinc, boron, and other minerals."

Kathleen is concerned about keeping her bones strong. "A German-trained dentist told me that I appeared to have thin bones," she says. The dentist went on to say that this could be the cause of Kathleen's recessed gums. "I became inspired to make sure my bones stayed strong!" For bone, joint, and beauty benefits, Kathleen also uses Neocell Collagen Joint Complex Type 2.

Editors' Take

Two nutrients that we suggest for chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia are D-ribose and magnesium.
D-ribose is a simple sugar used by the body to make chemicals responsible for energy, including ATP and glycogen. Mix the powder with juice or water and take daily. Magnesium helps relax muscles and promote deep sleep, which is vital for chronic fatigue sufferers. Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, author of From Fatigued to Fantastic!, recommends 1,000 mg twice daily of magnesium aspartate. Teitelbaum has his chronic fatigue patients take magnesium aspartate along with potassium aspartate. If you want to take both, look for a formula that contains about 250 mg of each.

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