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Interview with Hungry Girl Founder Lisa Lillien

The bestselling author’s latest cookbook, Simply 6: All-Natural Recipes with 6 Ingredients or Less, serves up a tasty array of easy-to-make meals and desserts centered on whole, and often gluten-free, ingredients.

Lisa Lillien, author of Simply 6: All-Natural Recipes with  6 Ingredients or Less

Finding yourself starved for time—and feeling the need to starve your stomach—while prepping for a holiday feast? Hungry Girl founder Lisa Lillien has over 100 recipes designed to fill you up with hearty and healthy foods without weighing down your waistline or schedule. With just a few uncomplicated steps, these 375-calories-or-less culinary concoctions will cut down your kitchen time without relying on processed foods.

“I always try to keep things new, fresh, and interesting,” says Lillien, a self-described “food-oligist,” 49, who created in 2004 and has since seen the brand grow into a series of books, a beloved magazine, daily tip- and recipe-filled emails (“the heart and soul of our brand”), and a popular Chew the Right Thing! podcast. “The Hungry Girl audience has been asking for recipes that are super-easy, yet delicious, satisfying, and healthy. I thought it was time to give them an entire book of recipes they can make with simple ingredients—no more than six per recipe. I am so proud of this book, and think no kitchen should be without it!”

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Hungry Girl Simply 6: All-Natural Recipes with 6 Ingredients or Less

Which recipes would you recommend to the carb- and calorie-conscious?

Some favorites are Z’pagetti Girlfredo with Chicken, Mexican Cauliflower Rice, and Greek Z’pagetti. I love mini meatloaf recipes made in a muffin pan, the Sheet-Pan Chicken Fajitas, and the Sheet-Pan Shrimp Bake.

You brought egg mugs to the masses. What are your favorite egg recipes?

I love the Chicken Sausage Egg Mug and the Mediterranean Scramble. Both recipes are gluten-free and have under 10 grams of fat.

What are six more versatile secondary Simply 6 ingredients?

All-natural powdered peanut butter, Greek yogurt, spiralized zucchini, riced cauliflower, oats, and everything bagel seasoning are at the top of the list.

How does batter in a blender make your gluten-free desserts even simpler?

Blender recipes are easier because they require very little cleanup. You just toss the ingredients into the blender! The Apple Spice Blender Muffins are so simple—they’re made with oats, almond milk, egg whites, no-calorie sweetener, baking powder, and apples. The Blender Banana Bread has bananas, oats, egg whites, almond milk, and no-calorie sweetener, and baking powder. These recipes use things everyone typically has at home. 

Try Lillien’s Apple Spice Blender Muffins recipe.