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Diet & Nutrition

Scents that Slim

Curb appetite and burn fat with aromatherapy.

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Curb appetite and burn fat with aromatherapy

Excerpted from Essential Oils for Health by Kymberly Keniston-Pond, CIR, CFR, CCMA

Whatever your personal dietary goals area, using essential oils will complement and support each stage.

How? Through the use of smell. When we inhale anything, it streams immediately to the limbic system. This, in turn, will make you feel good or bad, bringing back memories wanted or unwanted. That’s why many realtors have an apple pie baking in an oven during an open house … you smell the aroma, feel warm and cozy, and will look at the property with an attitude conducive to making it your home.

Let’s examine a few oils and how they can help control appetite. The first is grapefruit, to stimulate the hypothalamus part of the brain; using this oil will diminish any false urge to eat while helping you feel confident and positive. Keep this close at hand for when cravings try to take control, and inhale deeply 3–4 times per nostril. The more you do this, the better it will work.

A lack of self-confidence and self-worth sometimes weighs on us. These negative energies can sabotage self- improvement. Lemon comes to the rescue, making you feel cleansed and expanding positive energy. This is a good oil to always keep on hand for inhaling when you begin to feel negative about yourself. Just follow the inhalation directions for grapefruit.

A healthy eating program will help rid your body of toxins. When you shower, take a couple gulps of the warm water. Your liver eliminates toxins through the skin. Warm water helps the liver push toxins through your skin while showering them down the drain. Here’s a simple recipe using only two essential oils: rosemary and lavender.


½ cup grape seed oil

15 drops lavender (supports elimination of excess fat)

15 drops rosemary (stimulates liver to support flow of bile; supports metabolism)

Thoroughly blend all oils.
After a bath or shower, massage over the body using a circular motion. Can be used up to twice per day.

Did You Know?

A study published in Experimental Biology and Medicine showed that the citrus scents of grapefruit and lemon activated the body’s ability to burn fat.

Citrus scents, particularly lemon, work to expand feelings of positive energy.

Too-Little Appetite?

These aromas help to stimulate the desire to eat and comfort the soul

There are times in your life when you just don’t want to eat. This can be due to numerous reasons. Illness, medication, poor diet, or depression can add to your loss of appetite. If you haven’t really felt like eating in a while, you should speak with a medical professional to ensure there are no serious underlying causes for concern.

When our bodies become dehydrated, we can lose our appetite. So, begin by drinking more water. Choose nutrient-rich foods, and have smaller meals. Take some time to discover what you like to eat and try new flavors. This is a wonderful way to honor yourself!

Aromatherapy can assist you on this journey, by both stimulating appetite and bringing comfort to the soul. Carry an inhaler with you (you can find these at most stores that carry essential oils).

Here’s an oil blend recipe that can be added to your inhaler (place directly onto the wick). Keep your inhaler with you as you prepare and eat your meals.


5 drops lemon (uplifting and energizing)
3 drops peppermint (clears stagnant energy, stimulates creativity, supports self-confidence)
3 drops ylang ylang (promotes sensual awareness; very relaxing)

Healthy Tip!

Using a lavender-scented bath oil can support the elimination of toxins and excess fat.

Who’s Hungry for a Relaxing Bath?

Finally, the evening is here and you can relax. The kids are in bed, and you have the night to yourself. But for many of us, this quiet time can spell disaster when it comes to weight loss. Lounging in front of the TV with a bag of chips or cookies is tempting. How can you undo this type of unhealthy habit? Try something different the next time a case of the munchies strikes: Take a bath, and treat yourself to the restorative benefits of essentials oils. Add oils right before you are ready to step into the bath so the running water disperses their aromatic benefits. Here are a few essential oil suggestions for a range of health issues:

Physical and emotional support (especially women): Clary Sage

Decongestant, antiviral, antibacterial, and analgesic: Eucalyptus

Hormone balance for women: Geranium

Nausea and better circulation: Ginger

Antidepressant, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory: Lavender

Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, cooling (eases itching), fever, decongestant, expectorant, and liver-supportive: Peppermint

Emotional shock/extreme anxiety or tension: Ylang Ylang

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS): Clary Sage, Geranium, and/or Lemon

Essential oils tip:

Do not use rosemary oil if you are pregnant and/or nursing, have epilepsy or are prone to any other seizure disorder, or have a fever. You can substitute (same number of drops) with orange (Citrus sinensis) instead. Orange has properties similar to rosemary. Make sure that your orange oil is not oxidized (cloudy) as it will make the skin sensitive. Always keep in a dark bottle, refrigerated, with the cap tightly closed.