Whip up these nutrient-dense elixirs to help manage weight—including a protein-rich iced coffee and a “love potion” just in time for Valentine‘s Day.
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If your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, here is a simple way to kick-start weight loss and keep your resolution all year long.


Simply whip up a nutrient-dense weight-loss smoothie each day. This little habit is easy enough to maintain throughout the year. By adding these proven fat-reducing nutrients to your routine, you will be infusing your body with compounds that improve metabolism, reduce water weight, and increase fat release. Drinking smoothies is a delicious and satisfying way to support weight loss.

Smoothies can provide a little pick-me-up during the day, and by adding extra protein, they can replace meals. They are especially effective in the morning. By getting an early boost of nutrients and protein, you’ll be starting the day off right and be ready for anything. Eating breakfast also helps those who’ve lost weight keep it off. Studies have found that those who miss their morning meal are four times more likely to be obese.

Slimming Ingredients

Certain herbs, seeds, and other smoothie additions contain weight-loss supportive nutrients. A few to have on hand:

Apples. Glutathione, a powerful detoxifier in apples, was found in several recent studies to increase levels of healthy antioxidant enzymes in the blood of those who eat the fruit daily. These enzymes protect the body from environmental toxins that are linked to obesity. Apples also contain ursolic acid, shown to increase muscle while reducing body fat.

Avocados, nuts, and seeds contain EFAs (essential fatty acids), healthful fats that we need for many body processes, including nerve protection, healthy skin and hair, and enzyme development. Just 1 gram of EFAs per day increases the production of fat-burning enzymes.

Herbs, particularly rosemary, oregano, sage, thyme, holy basil, and peppermint, contain rosmarinic acid, a naturally occurring phenol antioxidant that supports metabolism and reduces water weight. Additionally, basil, peppermint, rosemary, oregano, and thyme are all rich sources of ursolic acid.

Turmeric. Curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that helps us excrete excess water weight. It adds a bit of golden color and tannic flavor that tones down the sweetness of fruit in smoothies.


Green tea. EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) is a polyphenol found in green tea that supports the production of the weight-loss hormone noradrenaline. This hormone increases fat-burning and modulates dietary fat absorption and metabolism. Brew up a batch of green tea and keep it in a pitcher in the refrigerator to add to smoothies, or make green tea ice cubes and add to smoothies before blending.

Protein-rich foods reduce food cravings and provide the amino acids that drive metabolism. Amino acids are also needed for production of dopamine and serotonin that give us the feeling of being full and content. Studies show that increasing dietary protein reduces the appetite and sugar cravings. Adding protein (e.g., hulled hemp seeds, chia seeds, and protein powder) to smoothies supplies the amino acids we need for efficient weight loss.

Probiotics help us replenish the healthy bacteria that live in the gut and play a significant role in orchestrating metabolic function. They adhere to the intestinal lining, where they help with digestion and detoxification, and support the metabolism of phytochemicals (natural plant nutrients). Researchers have discovered a correlation between higher levels of gut flora (probiotics and prebiotics) in the digestive tract and weight loss. You can get these important organisms via cultured products, including yogurt, kefir, cultured coconut milk, and supplements.

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Editors’ Picks: Smoothie Boosters


Almased, made from non-GMO fermented soy, skim milk yogurt, and enzyme-rich honey, is a protein powder designed to help your metabolism function optimally. Read product insert first for best results.


NATREN Mega Dophilus helps replenish healthy gut bacteria to assist with weight loss
and detoxification, and the powdered form makes for an easy smoothie ”boost.“


FLORA Udo’s Choice 3-6-9 Oil Blend features an ideal ratio of omega-3s, -6s, and -9s,
and mixes well with smoothies or juices. Try stirring into yogurt or drizzling over vegetables, too.


ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Green Tea combines green tea with tulsi (holy basil).
Try freezing the brewed tea in ice cube trays to add to blender drinks.


SUNWARRIOR Vanilla Classic Protein is a raw, 100% plant-based protein powder
with a complete amino acid profile. The sugar-free mix blends easily with most liquids.



Weight-loss Roundup

Supplements work in many different ways to enhance the benefits of a healthy weight-loss diet and exercise. Try one or more that match your needs, or look for a formula that combines complementary ingredients.