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Go Natural in 90 days

As we head into the final weeks of summer, we're wrapping up our three-month-long series with 30 ways to live naturally and boost your health—from simple supplement upgrades to life-changing diet advice. If you missed the first two installments in our June and July issues, visit

Dr. Formulated Magnesium Relax & Restore Whole Food Magnesium is a fizzy drink that helps calm and relax your body and mind for a better night’s sleep.

Healthy Buzz

Look for these inspiring new products, just out this month at health food stores.


Awesome in August

Perfect-for-summer products, including an all-natural sunscreen, yummy organic snacks, and 100 percent vegetarian and kosher supplements.


Healthy Fall Finds

From yummy elderberry gummies to skin-brightening cleansing pads, may we present our favorite new products of the month.