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Putting the Squeeze on Cancer

Breakthrough research conducted by Isaac Eliaz, MD, shows that modified citrus pectin is a potent cancer fighter-and possibly the most exciting supplement to come along in ages

About Dr. Eliaz
Isaac Eliaz, MD, a renowned holistic physician, researcher, and author, is the founder and director of Amitabha Medical Clinic and Healing Center in Sebastopol, Calif. Learn more about his unique approaches to integrative medicine, health, and healing at dreliaz.org or call 707-829-5900.


PectaSol-C is the only clinically researched natural galectin-3 blocker. Eliaz formulated EcoNugenics' Pectasol-C (pectinhealth.com), shown here. Other companies that use PectaSol-C in their supplements include Life Extension, NOW Foods, and Source Naturals.

"One day, they will find the cure for cancer in citrus peel." These prophetic words were spoken years ago by a medical researcher in Israel to a young Isaac Eliaz, MD. At the time, he never dreamed that, decades later, he would be viewed as the leading expert in modified citrus pectin (MCP) research, and that patients would come from around the world to his Sebastopol, Calif., clinic for holistic cancer treatment. For more than 15 years, Eliaz has been researching MCP and using a proprietary form that he developed (called Pectasol-C) to treat a variety of conditions. Here, we talk with Eliaz about his latest research on Pectasol-C and how it can help improve health in many different ways.

BN: You say that MCP has "numerous life-saving benefits." How so?

IE: Because of its unique molecular structure, MCP can easily enter the bloodstream and work throughout the body to fight cancer and address other health concerns. For example, MCP is a powerful yet gentle natural chelator, proven to bind to and remove harmful heavy metals and environmental toxins from the body without affecting essential minerals. MCP also boosts immune cells and strengthens overall immune function.

BN: What about MCP as a preventive therapy for cancer?

IE: First, let me explain a little bit about a molecule called galectin-3, which is normally present in small amounts in healthy people. Groundbreaking new studies show that excess galectin-3 molecules have a direct involvement in the process of chronic inflammation and subsequent fibrosis. Research shows that elevated galectin-3 levels promote the growth and spread of cancer.

Here's where MCP comes in: Pectasol-C binds to and blocks harmful galectin-3 molecules on the surface of cancer cells. Numerous peer-reviewed studies over the past 15 years have demonstrated MCP's potent cancer-fighting properties, mainly due to this ability.

BN: Does MCP's role extend beyond cancer?

IE: Absolutely! Elevated galectin-3 levels are also linked to heart attacks, stroke, kidney diseases, and liver fibrosis, among other chronic diseases.

BN: How can we find out if we have elevated galectin-3?

IE: The FDA has approved a new galectin-3 blood test for measuring cardiovascular disease risk that should be covered by most insurance. This test can also be used as a biomarker of metastatic cancer. Health Diagnostics Laboratory (myhdl.com) offers galectin-3 testing.

BN: What is the dosage for MCP?

IE: For those with concerns about cancer or other diseases related to elevated circulating galectin-3 levels, the optimal dosage is 6 capsules or 5 grams of powder taken three times per day on an empty stomach. For long-term health maintenance, use 6 capsules or 5 grams of powder per day.



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