Paleo Pizza - Better Nutrition

Paleo Pizza

What's for dinner, Paleo peeps? How about pizza ... or shall we say meatza?

With today's emphasis on no-grain, low-carb alternatives to high-glycemic, processed foods, it's no wonder that paleo fans would eventually come up with a full-meat "pizza crust." Which they did. And it's called the "meatza" (don't blame me, I didn't make up the word!)


Chef Jeannette has tried a few versions of the meatza herself, and we both agreed that the hands-down winner was made with lean ground bison cut with some ground chicken or turkey. If you're ambitious, you can add fresh minced onion and garlic to flavor, but the dried ground powders actually give it more of a "pizza" taste.

And don't fall for the stuff about how bad meat is for you. That's only true if it's factory-farmed (feedlot) meat, which, admittedly, is most of the meat carried byyour local supermarket-and all of the meat found in fast-food restaurants.

But there's a great alternative: grass-fed meat (or, in the case of pork, pastured pork). With grass-fed you get none of the toxins, hormones, steroids, antibiotics and other junk that's stored in the fat of conventional meat. Grass-fed meat is a health food! So make this delicious "meatza" with bison or grass-fed beef and enjoy guilt-free! -Dr. Jonny

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Notes from the Clean Food Coach

*To make a simple pizza sauce from scratch, whisk together 1 15-oz. can organic tomato sauce and 1 6-oz. can organic tomato paste with 2 tsp. each granulated onion, granulated garlic, dried oregano, and dried basil, plus salt and pepper to taste. You'll end up with more sauce than you need for this recipe, but you can freeze the rest in a freezer-safe zip-closure baggie.


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