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Peanut Butter Power Snack Dip

This recipe tastes just like peanut butter cookie dough, but it’s made with fiber-rich garbanzo beans instead of flour.

How do you turn indulgent cookie dough into a healthy and delicious treat? That’s Chef Jeannette’s genius. This recipe makes two scant cups, and each one contains more than 9 grams of fiber. And that’s important, because most people just don’t get enough of this key nutrient in their diets.

The National Cancer Institute recommends at least 25 grams of dietary fiber per day. But the average daily intake in America is a paltry 11 grams. Fiber protects health by slowing the entrance of food into the bloodstream, thus helping prevent blood sugar spikes. And in dozens of epidemiological studies, higher-fiber diets are associated with lower risks of cancer, heart disease, and obesity.

Emerging research also shows that fiber keeps the friendly microbes in your gut healthy and in balance, contributing to both gut health (by providing energy for the cells in the colon), and overall health in ways that are just now being uncovered. Recent studies, for instance, have linked poor microbiome health with schizophrenia, depression, and obesity.

The fiber in this “faux” cookie dough comes from garbanzo beans. In this case, coupling the beans (for fiber) with the peanut butter (for flavor, texture, and good-for-you fat) produces a high-protein, high-fiber snack—the daily double when it comes to foods in this category. (Protein never comes with fiber in food, so you have to combine them to get both; most high-fiber snacks have almost no protein, while many high-protein snacks have almost no fiber.) Plus, if you use the rice syrup or inulin as a sweetener, you have a truly low-glycemic snack, to boot. And unlike the junk-food cookie dough it replaces, this tasty dip has an energy-stabilizing effect when you eat it—no uncontrollable cravings for “more!”

This recipe comes together very quickly, requires no baking, and is really easy to make—which checks three important boxes in my house, especially in the summer! Put it in the fridge in the hot months and serve it nice and chilly. —Dr. Jonny

Notes From the Clean Food Coach

This hummus is so tasty you’ll want to eat it with a spoon! You can also use it as a more traditional dip with crisp apple slices, or as a spread over banana spears with a little sprinkle of cinnamon. To make it into a fun dessert, scoop a few tablespoons into individual shot glasses, and provide a selection of toppings for a DIY cookie dough “sundae” bar. Try mini chocolate chips, sliced fresh berries, juice-sweetened grape or strawberry jam, or chocolate syrup.


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