September 2014 Hot Buys

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A Better B
Bluebonnet NutritionMethylcobalamin 1,000 mcg & 5,000 mcg liquid drops feature the "methylcobalamin" form of vitamin B12, which is fast acting and more highly absorbed than regular B12. Vitamin B12 naturally declines with age and can be harder to digest with age, which makes this particular form extremely beneficial. In tasty Natural Raspberry Flavor, the drops are gluten- and soy-free.


Green Power
Green coffee (the raw, unroasted coffee bean), usually sold in capsules, has been shown to help dieters lose more weight. Now, Navitas Naturals Green Coffee Powder offers a powdered version of green coffee that can be stirred into smoothies, drinks, flours, or desserts (the mild flavor blends well with chocolate). It's great for dieters or people who just want to boost energy, support metabolism, and aid digestion. It's certified organic and rich in chlorogenic acid (CGA), a powerful antioxidant.


Chew On This
If you have heartburn and take drug-store antacids, you're only covering up the problem temporarily. Gutsy Chewy Fast Acting Oral & Digestive Supplement offers a natural alternative to Tums and similar products-one that actually helps heal the stomach with papaya, licorice root (good for acid reflux), and apple cider vinegar. The chewable tablets are made with xylitol (so they are sugar-free). Plus, they're gluten- and lactose-free-and easy to take along with you in a purse or bag.


Wholly Wow!
If you're looking for the perfect, Paleo-friendly portable snack, this is it! Wholly Bites (Apricot Pecan Clusters; Cacao Almond Clusters; and Sweet Curry Clusters) are delicious, chewy Paleo-style snacks made without sugar (just a touch of honey for sweetness), dairy, or wheat/gluten. The ingredients are organic and the flavors are savory/sweet and complex. Not your ordinary energy bars, these gourmet treats will leave you satiated for hours. A great snack for adults and even kids or teens-they're perfect for taking to college, on camping trips, etc.


>Defend Your Dermis
Your skin is an integral part of your immune system-it's your body's first line of defense. And every day it's bombarded with environmental stressors such as UV rays, pollution, harsh cleansers, and other irritants. Acure Organics new line of Body
Lotions features a unique "Skin-Immune Technology" that helps your skin guard against these stressors with specialized plant stem cells (they enhance the bioavailability of the plant's benefits up to 1,000 times); probiotics; argan oil; olive leaf; and CoQ10. And these super-moisturizing lotions are free of parabens, sulfates, gluten, and synthetic fragrances. Choose from Calming with Lavender + Echinacea; Ultra-Hydrating with Cocoa Butter + CoQ10; Firming with Lemongrass + Moroccan Argan Oil; and Advanced Triple Moisture with Mandarin Orange + Moroccan Argan Stem cell.


June Swoon

Natural solutions for varicose veins, healthier kids, vibrant energy, and more.

Solgar Ohso Belgian Chocolate bars


Soothing coconut-infused body lotion, energizing maca packets, organic, multigrain sandwich bread, quick-healing olive leaf gel, and a sweet duet of chocolate and probiotics.