Awesome in August

Perfect-for-summer products, including an all-natural sunscreen, yummy organic snacks, and 100 percent vegetarian and kosher supplements.

Sunny Days Are Here Again

Goddess Garden Organics Everyday and Sport Natural Sunscreens are made with only plant-based ingredients and natural minerals-no synthetic or chemical sunscreens-and are reef-safe. The Everyday Sunscreen offers powerful broad-spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 sun protection, plus coconut oil and green tea to deeply moisturize skin. Certified organic and biodegradable, the Sport Sunscreen is made for rugged outdoor use-perfect for everything from hiking and biking to swimming and surfing. Both are available in spray or lotion.

Organic Bliss


GoMacro Thrive bars are packed with nutritious and delicious organic goodness-with ingredients such as cashews, puffed quinoa, sprouted flax, pumpkin seeds, and spices. And the all-natural, taste-bud-teasing flavors include Curry Apricot (with heart-healthy ingredients), Blueberry Lavender (with nutrients that benefit brain health), and Ginger Lemon (helps with digestion). All are free of gluten, dairy, and soy, and are sweetened with only a hint of organic brown rice syrup.

Vegetarian- and Kosher-Friendly


The new Only Natural vegetarian kosher line, Glucosamine Plus, Testosterone Support, and Thyroid Support, is 100 percent kosher and animal-free-and all are guaranteed free of yeast, corn, wheat, gluten, milk, salt, sugar, starch, and artificial flavors and colors. Glucosamine Plus is designed for people looking to improve flexibility, joint function, and overall well-being; Testosterone Support is a hormone-free formulation created to increase energy levels, libido, and overall well-being; and Thyroid Support includes kelp, iodide, D3, additional vitamins, herbs, and minerals that support thyroid function and help control weight.


Small Fruit, Big Benefits

If you're ready to work out and your body isn't, tart cherry can come to the rescue. Carlson Laboratories Tart Cherry eases post-workout soreness so you won't miss a workout. Each serving provides potent antioxidants that support healthy joint function and reduced recovery time after vigorous exercise. This supplement helps alleviate post-workout inflammation, so athletes can stay on track and reach their fitness goals. It's also made with a proprietary, high-quality form of cherry extract, CherryPURE.


Fizz Factor

Terry Naturally CuraMed Effervescent Tablets are a tangy way to get natural pain and inflammation relief quickly. Just drop one of these tangerine-flavored tablets in a glass of water-perfect for folks who have difficulty swallowing capsules or tablets. Cell-protecting BCM-95 curcumin (a highly absorbable form of the nutrient) provides 135 mg of curcuminoids, the key component found in turmeric.


Super Yummys CocoYummys Coconut Treats

Simply Irresistible

Our favorite new products this month include chewy coconut cookies, mushroom-infused coffee, and wrinkle-reducing facial serum.

Dr. Formulated Magnesium Relax & Restore Whole Food Magnesium is a fizzy drink that helps calm and relax your body and mind for a better night’s sleep.

Healthy Buzz

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Enjoy Life Chocolate Minis

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