Fantastic Fermented Foods

Try these fermented-foods recipes for a healthy source of probiotics.
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Try these fermented-foods recipes for a healthy source of probiotics

Fermented foods such as pickles, miso, sauerkraut, and yogurt are replete with beneficial bacteria to improve gut health, support immune function, ease intestinal disorders, and possibly protect against colon cancer. Most contain dozens of strains of probiotics. Just one serving of sauerkraut can yield a trillion colony forming units (CFUs).

For centuries, people have made their own fermented foods. But still: it’s a little scary. After all, there’s a fine line between fermented and funky. But fear not. With some simple rules and easy-to-follow recipes, you can become a master fermenter. Eat smart with these simple DIY fermented recipes.

Fantastic Fermented Foods Recipes


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Fermented Foods for Whole-Body Health

Fermented foods are a great source of good-for-your-gut bacteria, and that friendly bacteria is important for strong immune function. Plus, we have four easy recipes to try.

Originally a Korean beauty trend, fermented skin care can reduce the signs of aging while treating skin gently.

Fermented Beauty

Like fermented foods, these personal care products use a fusion of science and nature to create a powerhouse of beauty benefits.


Beauty Foods

You can spend hundreds of dollars on pricey creams, lotions, and cosmetic procedures. But the fact is, good skin starts from within

Pumpkin seeds, also called pepitas, are high in copper, a mineral that helps develop collagen and elastin to keep skin strong, supple, and firm.

8 Radiance-Boosting Foods

Let’s face it: Glowing skin and glossy hair don’t just come from bottles or jars. It’s an inside job that requires vitamin-rich, nourishing foods like parsley and pumpkin seeds.