After being diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2014, Cali’s life expectancy was six weeks, at most. But along with veterinary treatment, she began eating a keto diet and miraculously recovered. To this day, she is a happy, active, healthy dog.

Cali was the first of many shelter dogs treated at the KetoPet Sanctuary, a program run by the nonprofit Epigenix Foundation. What began as a study to test keto in the treatment of terminal dog cancers has become an online resource to help all dogs live longer, healthier lives.

Did you know? 

Simply replacing carb-heavy kibble with raw ground beef can have health benefits for your dog.

Why It Keto Diet Works for Dogs

“Smart dogs eat low-carb,” says Paul Raybauld, president and CEO of Epigenix. “It’s about getting the carbs out because of all the inflammation they cause your dog.” The KetoPet Sanctuary offers a free personalized eating plan for any dog, based on weight and physical condition.

How to Prepare a Keto Diet for Your Dog

A keto doggy bowl is basically raw ground beef, vegetables, and some additional healthy fat, but the exact proportions and quantities need to be tailored to your dog. Here’s an easy way to do it:

  • Visit
  • Click on the online calculator and enter information about your dog. You will receive a personalized keto eating plan.
  • Work out how to gradually shift your dog’s diet to keto, over a period of 5–7 days. A sudden transition can cause diarrhea or vomiting.
  • For tips and answers to questions, learn more on the site and join the KetoPet Facebook community at, or use the link in the Get Help section of the site.

While a keto diet is optimal, says Raybauld, simply reducing carbs by substituting raw ground beef for some of a dog’s carb-heavy kibble is a step in the right direction. “As long as you’re improving the nutrition profile of your dog,” he says, “you’re doing a good thing.”



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