Healthy Cheese Habits

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We generally view non-fat or low-fat cheese as the healthy option, but the French are notorious for staying slim while eating rich, full-fat versions. How do they do it?


"The whole thing is a matter of portion control," says Diane Sauvage, a native of France and a partner at Interval USA, an importer of French cheeses that are available in many natural food stores. These are typical serving sizes:

  • Hard cheese: A thumb tip
  • Soft cheese: A tablespoon

Much like wines, French cheeses are chosen for their unique regional flavors and qualities. Small dairy farms use age-old, artisanal methods and milk from animals raised without hormones, GMOs, or chemical additives-traditional techniques that mirror our organic practices.

Meanwhile, in this country, there's a trend of artisanal methods being used to make gourmet non-dairy cheeses-more choices to please your palate. To learn about different French cheeses and recipes, visit


Focus your diet on  “real food” that you could hunt, fish, gather, or pluck.

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