Best of Supplements Awards 2020

The Best Anxiety, Mood & Stress Supplements of 2020

Melt tension and brighten your outlook with these minerals, vitamins, and herbs.



Relax + Calm*

Magnesium A highly absorbable powder mix of magnesium citrate, malate, and glycinate that may ease muscle tension and promote serenity. It comes in Blackberry Hibiscus Oasis and Raspberry Lemonade.


RidgeCrest Herbals

Anxiety Free

Find your chill with this mix of vitamins, amino acids, and calming Ayurvedic herbs. It works by supporting the body in creating feelings of inner peace, deep calm, and overall “zeniness.”


Organic India USA


This four-herb formula supports energy and vitality, promoting a healthy response to mental, physical, and environmental tension and stress.


Zhou Nutrition

Calm Now Nutrient-Infused Water Enhancer

Press pause on stress with two squeezes of this cherry-flavored water booster (no sugar added!). Ashwagandha, rhodiola, and bacopa help you stay centered, while L-theanine keeps you focused.