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Herbal Aphrodisiacs

Try ginseng and maca to boost libido Iget asked about the subject of libido boosters a lot.

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Try ginseng and maca to boost libido

Iget asked about the subject of libido boosters a lot. Being an aging baby boomer myself, it’s near to my heart.

“I had always enjoyed [a great sex life],” says Robert Anderson, a website designer in Seattle, Wash. “But one evening I experienced erectile dysfunction (ED). Each time after that, I failed to perform, putting a lot of stress on my relationship, which ended shortly thereafter. Needless to say, I was upset.”

Most people enjoy sex and hope their romantic life will continue indefinitely, but about 30 million Americans suffer from ED, and there’s a general sense that sexual desire, performance, and pleasure, in men and women, will unavoidably wane, much to our disappointment. Like Robert, most of us want to have great sex for quite a while longer. Perhaps a little waning is inevitable, but it can be much less than we might think.

There’s almost no reason why just about anybody has to tolerate any type of garden variety sexual dysfunction. Fortunately, traditional natural medicine has thousands of years of practical experience to prove that you can. Let’s take a look at some outstanding natural remedies to put the sexy back in the beast.

To keep the fires burning, first we have to restore and balance the body functions that have been taxed by the wear and tear of daily life. Sexual rejuvenation supplements strengthen, purify, and nourish body tissues to bring back the glow of youth.

Robert, a 53-year-old entrepreneur and athlete, hoped he could perk up his sex life. I offered him a full arsenal of powerful herbs. I assured him that we could turn this situation around, but that it would take upwards of two to three months. “I was fine with that, considering the severe side effects of drug alternatives,” says Robert.

Ideally, expanding your love life includes a total body and mind makeover, and may take awhile, so let’s get started with some everyday life tips for staying in the mood.


First on my list is ginseng. We know this herb has a reputation as an exotic sex remedy, and it actually delivers as promised.

Ginseng is used in Asia to support sexual energy, especially in older people. There is scientific evidence that ginseng does indeed treat impotence, and clinical trials have shown that it increases sperm production and sperm motility. And clinicians report that ginseng increases sexual libido. In a 2009 study of 143 men with erectile dysfunction, erectile function and overall satisfaction scores were significantly higher with ginseng, while the placebo group had no significant improvement. A 2010 study out of Italy observed that ginseng caused a significant improvement in the sexual satisfaction index of 180 men.

Robert used ginseng in his program. “I was still not 100%, but things had radically improved from four weeks earlier,” he boasts. That was two years ago. And today? Even better.

In Asia, ginseng is more often used by men, but women can also benefit from its effects, as we saw in a 2010 study on sexual arousal in menopausal women, who got a serious libido bump from red Korean ginseng.

Dosage: To get going with ginseng, use 4,000-6,000 mg in capsules.


From an ancient Asian herb, let’s travel to Peru for a just discovered (at least, to us) passion booster.

Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a medicinal radish-like root. This culinary herb, farmed by Inca Indians for 2,000 years, is a miracle of adaptability, thriving in the Andes. In Peru, maca is praised for enhancing sexual performance, curbing impotence, and upping fertility.

Recent studies on maca show improvements in nutrition status, fertility, memory, and mood. A randomized, double-blind clinical trial, done in 2009, showed that maca improved sexual well-being in men with erectile dysfunction. Additionally, a 2009 paper found that maca boosted athletic performance and amped up sexual desire in athletes. One Australian study found that maca improves psychological symptoms, including anxiety and depression, in postmenopausal women and reduces sexual dysfunction.

Ready to fly to Peru? No need. It’s available in capsules and as a powder.

Dosage: Start with 3,000 mg per day. Add powdered maca to foods such as oatmeal, or to smoothies.