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Robuvit for Energy and Detox

This trendy new supplement ingredient may hold the key to ultimate energy at any age.

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About Robuvit

What do college students, their older siblings, parents, and grandparents have in common? The need for plenty of energy. The reasons may differ—from cramming for exams and playing sports to managing work and family schedules and overcoming age-related fatigue—but the underlying mechanism is the same. And so are the benefits of a novel supplement that enhances your own energy production without acting as a stimulant, so it won’t keep you up at night.

The supplement is Robuvit, an extract from a specific species of French oak that was considered sacred in ancient times for its medicinal qualities. “We had to do things intuitively, hundreds of years ago, and now, we can actually look at what this individual tree species does,” says Fred Pescatore, MD, an integrative physician in New York, and author of The A-List Diet.

In recent years, 17 studies have tested the supplement and found that it boosts energy in healthy people, as well as in those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. It also improves exercise recovery and performance, speeds up recovery from the flu, and improves the liver’s detoxification ability.

How Robuvit Works

The tree from which Robuvit is extracted is the only known source of roburins, unique plant chemicals whose name comes from “robur,” the Latin word for strength or power. “Roburins work on the cellular function of the mitochondria,” says Pescatore. Mitochondria are microscopic energy-generating components in every cell. Robuvit enhances energy by helping mitochondria to burn fuel more efficiently.

Better Energy, Sleep, and Mood

Several clinical trials have found that Robuvit improves energy and reduces work-related burnout in healthy adults of all ages. One study found that it also enhances mood and sleep.

The supplement was tested in a group of 40 middle-aged people who complained of fatigue, insomnia, and mood problems. They all followed a lifestyle program for eight weeks, which included doing gentle exercise, restricting caffeine, and not eating or using electronic devices before bedtime. Half of the participants also took 300 mg daily of Robuvit, and those taking the supplement experienced a significantly greater improvement in their symptoms, compared to the lifestyle-only group.

Other studies have looked at people suffering from a combination of debilitating symptoms in chronic fatigue syndrome. “Clinical research shows that Robuvit helps to combat nagging chronic fatigue symptoms such as loss of memory and concentration, poor sleep quality, headaches, sore throat, and extreme exhaustion,” says Pescatore.

A Healthier Liver

Environmental toxins, medications, and alcohol can overload the liver’s capacity to break down waste materials and detoxify our bodies. Robuvit can help.

The supplement was tested in a group of 44 people with temporary liver damage from heavy drinking. At the start of the study, blood tests used to measure liver enzymes and other markers showed that all participants had similar levels of damage. Half the group then took 300 mg daily of Robuvit for 12 weeks, and blood tests were repeated. The markers for liver health of those taking Robuvit improved significantly.

Researchers concluded that the supplement demonstrated “significant protective activity,” likely because it is a strong antioxidant and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Did You Know?

A hangover is a sign that your liver is temporarily overloaded with toxins.

Faster Recovery from Flu

Among his patients who took Robuvit during flu season, says Pescatore, “People were amazed at how quickly they got over the flu.” In a study of people who had already had the flu for 7–10 days, a daily dose of 300 mg of Robuvit speeded up recovery from lingering symptoms, including weakness, fatigue, and disturbed sleep.

Quicker Exercise Recovery

A study of 54 amateur triathletes found that taking 300 mg of Robuvit daily during two weeks of training reduced muscle cramps and pain, and improved performance. Pescatore also has personal experience with this effect. At age 57, he does trapeze workouts twice a week. “You use every muscle in the body, and it’s intense,” he says. “The first time I did trapeze, I literally couldn’t move for a week. The second time I did it, I took Robuvit two days before and I was a completely different person.”

How to Take Robuvit

Robuvit is a patented ingredient found in several brands of supplements, including Jarrow Formulas and Life Extension. Studies have found 300 mg daily to be an effective dose. Pescatore recommends taking Robuvit with food, at any time of day. It doesn’t interact with medications, but anyone with kidney disease should consult their doctor before taking any supplement. Robuvit has not been tested on pregnant women.

Energy improvement should be noticeable within a couple of weeks of taking the supplement, but can occur much sooner. For faster flu recovery, take it at the first sign of symptoms.

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