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Ask Dr. Amy: Seasonal Allergies in Children

A parent, frustrated with her daughter’s seasonal allergies, asks Dr Amy if there are natural solutions to reduce the risk of recurrence. Dr Amy reviews household cleaning and prevention ideas, as well as how a licensed naturopathic physician might address seasonal allergies in children.
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Question: My eight-year-old daughter is struggling with seasonal allergies. Are there any natural approaches we can use to help her feel better? –Claire S. from Hampton, Va.

Dr. Amy: Many of my patients have been calling wondering what to do this allergy season. Depending on where you live and what’s blooming when, seasonal allergies can start in early spring and go well through the fall.

The first important step is to limit exposure to allergens. This does not mean closing your child indoors all spring and summer. When she comes in from being outdoors, encourage her to change into house clothes. And definitely leave all shoes at the door. In an allergy-sensitive person, the dust and the pollen brought indoors can aggravate symptoms.




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